Digital Marketing for Entrepreneurs

This course can help entrepreneurs build brand awareness. Brand awareness is important for both new businesses and businesses that are already established.
Duration: 2 months and Price: Rs. 15,000 (Including Taxes)

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Why should you enroll in our Online Digital Marketing Course?

Get access to this Premier Online Digital Marketing Course from anywhere in the world.

Get certified by Google and Facebook.

On successful completion of the course, you will receive Google and Facebook certifications. Co-Minds online digital marketing course is powered by echoVME digital, which is a Facebook and Google partner agency.

Get trained by the agency-styled institute.

Co-Minds online digital marketing course provides agency-styled training, which gives the student exposure to how it feels to work in an agency. This makes you digital marketing industry-ready. You will learn all the aspects of working in an agency, from working in teams to creating a proposal.

Guaranteed placement assistance.

Future-proof your career with our 400+ national and international partner companies. We will prepare you for cracking the interviews and becoming a digital marketing professional.

Learning Curriculum

Step into the technological world and start mastering the digital marketing world by enrolling in a digital marketing course that makes you stand out from the rest. Glimpse through the learning curriculum modules that help you learn the marketing world.

Content writing is a medium of exchanging information with the audience in the current era of fast pacing digital world. A crispy content catches the attention of customers towards your blogs motivating them to invest in your business. In addition, customers tend to share interesting content on social media, thereby improving the brand’s online presence. Enrolling in a course is mandatory to create catchy content for the website. In that line, Co-Minds focusses on training modules for content writing to help beginners equip their writing talents. Also, existing writers can upgrade their writing skills by enrolling in real-time courses taught by experienced professionals in the industry. The next step is to strengthen writing skills by acquiring the right kind of assistance that will help to create eye-catchy content for the brand on social media.
WordPress is an open source CMS tool that works seamlessly with the integration of MySQL database. An effective software that handles complicated websites at great ease. Co-Minds is an authorized partner for training resources on WPM for excelling in online website business that run with Content Management System as backend tool. Become a pro in WordPress Management by knowing the hacks in streamlining the company’s processes via this potent tool.
Co-Minds is a trusted digital marketing partner in empowering fresh talents to manage time effectively by reducing the dependency on human resources. Learn from the scratch on how to build a website through this powerful tool by acquiring the official WP certification from industry-trusted professionals. Drag and drop feature and innovative interface are the two attractive features present in the CMS oriented tool that makes it unique from other online courses in the market.
The success of any business lies in good promotion on social platforms like Facebook and Instagram, which will boost the sales of the website. Co minds has specialized professionals to train the people on how to post ads effectively on social media to gain more customers. Special assistance is given on organizing campaigns on both mediums to improve the brand reachability among customers.
Advertising on Instagram requires the following steps.
  • Transfer your profile to a business account in order to post ads seamlessly on the Instagram page.
  • Select a video or image that is most appropriate to your ad title so that it will catch the attention of readers.
  • Customize the ads by setting up goals like type of target audience, duration, and the budget.
  • Hit the publish button and wait until you are notified about the approval of the ad.
Advertising on Facebook is simple with just a business account and you go posting the ads directly on the home page. People share your ads by just clicking the links and you reach millions of customers fastidiously.
Linkedin marketing is increasing the number of customers by promoting the products related to business on social platform like LinkedIn. It mainly involves spreading brand awareness among public by following realistic goals that make your business stand out from the crowd. Co minds is a training agency that focusses on strategies involving promotion of products on social channels.
Social media management is an effective way of creating and managing content on social media like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter by maintaining multiple accounts on social media. Co minds offers a comprehensive solution for businesses to stay on top of the market by giving a tough competition for other clients. This training agency aims at creating mindful social media managers who would achieve the social media goals in a realistic way.
Social media is a beneficial platform, as it involves zero cost and niche specific to promote the reachability among versatile customers. The buying rate is more as 74 percentage of people use social media before making important decisions. Become an expert in social media management by acquiring a training from Co minds that creates brilliant talents in the digital marketing industry.
Instagram is the widely used platform on social media that plays a significant role in the growth of online business. An interactive medium to sell products to customers online in a cordial way without pushing them. Co minds solution offers a powerful Instagram marketing strategy that involves six main steps to create great profits. Get your hands on experience by knowing the real-time marketing via training from experts in the industry to excel in the online business.
  • Set your desired goals on Instagram.
  • Find out the targeted audience.
  • Organize a detailed analysis.
  • Make a calendar based on your customization.
  • Create a logo of the business on the platform for brand promotion.
  • Improve the number of followers for your business by adopting strategies on the platform.
Freelancing is working as an independent resource for any company rather than working under the control of any superior. The main advantage of a working as a freelancer is engaging with multiple prospects at the same time involving few hours of work for each project. The exposure level gained is more in freelancing, as the job opportunities are unlimited. Co minds is a trusted digital marketing training institute that offers multiple freelance course trainings to equip individuals based on their area of interests.
Freelancers trained by Co minds are even hired by the agency to work under different job profiles to provide career opportunities. There is a huge scope for freelancers at Co minds thus motivating young talents to perform well in the market. The agency helps aspiring individuals to choose their stream based on talents by scrutinizing profiles with the help of experienced trainers who are experts in many subjects.
Kick start your career as a successful digital marketer by acquiring in-depth knowledge of all modules in the curriculum. The learning module initiates with orientation and fundamentals of marketing. The foundation ideas of digital marketing play an essential part in this module. To become an effective digital marketer, the aspirant gains knowledge about strategies that helps in better engagement with the customers. The condensed course stands as an opportunity for marketing enthusiasts to unbridle the influence of digital channels. To move forward on the right track and be focused on digital marketing, the fundamentals of marketing play a pivotal role. Gain insights into the specific elements of digital marketing with the best syllabus from Co-minds.
Knowledge of SEO is essential to turn into a skilled digital marketer. By gaining an intense vision of keyword management, SEO optimization, off-page, on-page optimization, URL optimization, link building, and more, you optimize the digital properties for customers. The specialized subject is a great way to drive more organic traffic and is the most vital digital marketing module. Once a website sprouts out, portraying the site to the public is essentail. Though many certifications and courses are available for SEO, Co-minds renders the best training with experienced subject experts. Besides teaching the technical aspects of SEO, co-minds helps aspirants know and battle the challenges that arise after developing the website.
The search engine marketing module helps professionals learn to build and implement appropriate marketing strategies. The above technique helps in better profit for businesses. Search engine marketing or PPC is a crucial module and a great asset to know in the digital marketing course. The SEM knowledge proves fruitful as it helps the digital marketer develop feasible tactics for promoting the product in an effective method. There are various terminologies covered under the SEM module that allow digital marketers to navigate the business better. Co-minds train students effectively to gain prompt attention for their website, company, or product.
Master all platforms of social media by acquiring knowledge from the co-minds syllabus. Social media stands as an indispensable part of business and customers today. Hence, knowing the ins and outs of social media and techniques to adopt for business is covered in this module. As a budding digital marketer, knowing the surplus qualities of social media helps to leverage profits. Social media optimization is a vital module that allows the business to understand the techniques that work and ones that don’t work for the customers. Your service, brand, qualities, and products need to be noticed by the customers. The social media optimization module helps learn the critical skills of promoting the brands on all social media platforms.
The social media marketing module educates aspirants to know the touchpoints that help develop a bond with the customer. The curriculum covers in-depth details about all social media platforms and marketing techniques. Live projects, assignments, and exams render a precise understanding of SMM. The module teaches organic and paid marketing techniques used for social media platforms such as Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, and more, which helps drive more traffic for the company’s website. The module allows for effective learning about social media strategies to incorporate on platforms such as youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram, etc. Moreover, the module teaches you to develop a social media campaign, focus on the appropriate audience, create ad creative and ad copies.
Email marketing is a trend being followed even today in digital marketing. The module offers a clear vision to aspirants to choose the right audience and apply the appropriate technique. The module educates the professionals to develop appealing emails, various categories of emails, and ways to lead to conversion from the customer. The digital marketing course also helps create the appropriate subscriber list to target customers. Students learn to develop databases based on group, demographics, acquisition mode, and more elements. You also get the opportunity to gain hands-on experience with the latest tools and software that helps in designing appealing emails. Apart from the above, automating emails and extracting data from email campaign analytics are also taught in this module.
Linkedin marketing is increasing the number of customers by promoting the products related to business on social platform like LinkedIn. It mainly involves spreading brand awareness among public by following realistic goals that make your business stand out from the crowd. Co minds is a training agency that focusses on strategies involving promotion of products on social channels.
Affiliate marketing is one of the buzzwords discussed by all in the digital marketing domain. Also, learning the techniques and appropriate affiliate marketing methods helps businesses hit the jackpot. The course teaches the methods for promotion across customers. The module introduces ways to develop high-quality affiliate websites, types of products for sale, and ways to sell promptly. The digital marketer learns the methods to influence people and escalate sales. Students also learn about merchants and affiliates and ways to implement affiliate marketing strategies. With live projects, candidates learn to increase performance by successfully communicating with customers. Experienced faculties exhibit live sessions about how affiliate marketing works to understand students better.
The crucial module is a vast area that covers all the digital marketing tools for any digital marketer to know and excel. Top experts in co-minds who have had hands-on experience in digital marketing agencies educate candidates about digital marketing tools. The latest list of digital marketing tools is surplus. The module helps students know about each digital marketing tool and incorporate them into digital marketing. Few digital marketing tools covered are Google trends, Ahrefs, Google Adwords, Bing Ads, Google Analytics URL builder, and plenty more. The module assists professionals in gaining a vision about all digital marketing tools and ways to reap benefits from them. A successful digital marketer owes complete knowledge of all the digital marketing tools used in the market today. Co-minds help in gaining such knowledge for better success.

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